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Realistic sex dolls and companion dolls

Hot Real Dolls distributes the best sex real dolls with or without intelligence all over the world.

Why HOT REAL DOLLS? Simple, maximum customer confidentiality, best on the market, fast shipping / production service, competitive price with maximum customization, double checks for maximum satisfaction.

The products we offer are only of the best brands and quality. We are in close contact with the producers of which we are official resellers. 

Unlike all other sex doll retailers with shops containing thousands of dolls, many times never seen or tested, you will find the selection of the best quality, most beautiful and realistic dolls from the most reliable and well-known manufacturers

In Italy and soon throughout Europe, we have activated a new service of which we are proud and which we are the only ones to provide:


Your personalized Sex Doll, before being delivered to you, will make a further stop at our warehouses in Bologna-Italy.

This is to check again that everything is perfectly compliant with the requirements and that there were no problems during the transport to arrive from the manufacturer's country. Once the checks have been carried out and made sure that your Sex Doll is perfect, it will be re-packed in a new box and sent to your address.

This additional check will be totally FREE, we only ask you to wait 4/5 more days but it will guarantee 100% the exact correspondence of what you ordered, WITHOUT SURPRISES

Dolls with realistic movements, body temperature and touch sensors in hypoallergenic silicone or TPE, ultra realistic

Our realistic sex dolls have a silicone or hypoallergenic TPE body, the fully articulated metal skeleton offers the possibility to play with real contortionists. They have the possibility of being customized in every aspect, from the color of the eyes, to the type of vagina, to the possibility of implanting real hair to the various types of pubic hair and much more. This type of customization is contained directly in the doll's card. 

The sexual robot doll will fulfil your slightest wish and will become your perfect lady-in-waiting for sex party

Our realistic silicone sex dolls are fully customizable.
At your choice you will be able to determine the type of shapes and body, skin color, eye color, face morphology, weight and height, hair color and hairstyle, nail color, both hands and feet. With us you can perfect your perfect companion according to your tastes.
His computer equipped with artificial intelligence will provide you with a basic vocabulary in English and Chinese that can be expanded as you wish with the sentences and the type of answer you prefer. Your sex doll will learn and answer or converse with you according to the parameters you set. She will become your ideal lady-in-waiting for all occasions.

Maximum realism for maximum pleasure

Our realistic silicone or TPE male sex dolls reproduce the man in every detail. Being able to customize them at will, we offer an incredible range of accessories. From the implantation of real hair, to various penis sizes, to the implantation of beard and pubic hair, to the well-defined musculature with particular care of the veins. Our top models are made of silicone for maximum realism and comfort. Within the products, in addition to the description, you will also find videos of the manufacturer for some models which, thanks to the excellent collaboration, has allowed us to publish to better define the quality offered.

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