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Conan Power - Delaying spray against premature ejaculation


Conan Power is the latest invention as regards the solution to the problem of the duration of a sexual relationship. A real all-natural based retardant spray.
There are no chemical anesthetics, it does not cause sensations of cold or anesthetics.
The use is intuitive and very personal. Usually 1-2 sprays on the glans are enough to have an excellent effect (apply the product at least 30 minutes before penetration).
Conan Power is ideal for those who want to have longer-lasting sexual relationships and those who want to amaze their partner with great performances.
Strong point are:
  • Ideal for maximizing the duration of sexual intercourse
  • It does not anesthetize and does not cold
  • Completely natural herbal product
  • Does not contain Lidocaine and Benzocaine or other local anesthetics
  • Larger pack of 8ml, Spray format (on the market they are 5ml)
  • Compatible with condoms


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Conan Power is the newest product against premature ejaculation. Produced entirely with natural ingredients, it will allow you to lengthen the time of sexual intercourse by conquering your partner.

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