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Tom – Irontech Silicone Male Doll – 176cm – ULTRA REALISTIC

From 2.999,00

Hi, I'm Tom and I'm sure that now that you're looking at me I've already left my mark.

My body and my face are totally in silicone, ultra realistic for you to spend incredible moments.

You can customize me as you want, eye color, hair, skin.

If you want you can also implant my hair in the positions you prefer, the beard. You even have the option of implanting real hair into me.

Even the size of my penis can be customized, and if you want you have the possibility to take more than one in case you ever want to experiment…

Body description

Height: 176cm

Chest: 98cm

Shoulder width: 47cm

Waist: 85cm

Hip: 99cm

Arm length: 65cm

Leg length: 91cm

Leg diameter: 55cm

Calf diameter: 46cm

Length of erect penis: selectable between 9-16-19-23 cm

Anus depth: 17cm

Mouth depth: not usable

Skeleton: articulated in metal with optional

Weight: 54kg

Choose skin type
Transgender penis attachment (only for removable vagina)
Select the second penis that suits you in addition to the one already provided for free (ERECT PENIS 16cm)
Choose eyes color
Skeleton type
Select the type of skeleton you prefer from the EVO one, already highly flexible, supplied free of charge, or the YOGA one that allows contortionist positions
Fingers with joints
This option is not to be missed and we give it to you as a gift. You will be able to have objects held in your hand, great for photo shoots
mano con articolazioni
Hand with joints in the fingers
Choose the type of feet. We recommend the feet with supports for a better handling of your Doll
Wig - Hair
Choose the type of wig you prefer or the hair implanted as in the photograph. We recommend implanted hair, very realistic on an ultra realistic silicone doll
Add the beard implanted if you want your personalized doll the same as the pictures, we recommend it
Pubic hair
Possibility of implanting pubic hair, abdomen.
Chest hair
Possibility of implanting hair in the chest
Nipple earrings
Select if you want the earrings you would like to see on your doll.
Navel earring
Select if you want the earrings you would like to see on your doll.
Professional transport case
With this optional transport case you will be able to properly store your sex doll
If shipping to a country other than USA or Europe*, there may be additional charges due to import regulations in your country. Please contact us before completing your order to confirm any extra fees that may be applicable. *European countries not subject to import charges include: UK, Germany, France, Poland, Czech, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Estonia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania, Spain (excluding Canary Islands, Ceuta and Meli) Lia), Portugal (excluding the Portuguese Azores and Madeira), Northern Ireland, Finland, Greece. For other countries there may be additional fees.

Product creations are based on our pursuit of beauty. In the creation process, we try to recover every detail. With this in mind, we have made breakthroughs in the skeleton, skin touch, private parts, makeup, etc. Each doll is designed, manufactured and tested to provide an extraordinary experience. Irontechdoll male sex dolls are made from the finest materials and are designed to bring out the best in every aspect. From the pre-designed models to the final detail, these sex dolls are built to give you the best experience possible.
With our lifelike sex dolls, you can create a multitude of details for your unique character, such as penis size and musculature. You can also choose from a variety of eye colors and hairstyles to enhance your look. If you're looking for an even more authentic male sex doll, our team of experts can help you create one. We are also available to help build one for you that meets your needs. If you are interested in knowing more details, please contact us by email

Below a beautiful video presentation of Tom, built entirely in silicone, ultra realistic