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Vanessa – AI Sex Robot 168cm

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Hello dear, my name is Vanessa and I am a doll with artificial intelligence, with touch sensors, the body has a temperature of 37 °. I can communicate with you and express emotions through the movements of my face and eyes. I am made of a hypoallergenic material and thanks to my articulated skeleton I can assume different positions. You can customize me as you like but I don't want to tell you more, scroll through the options and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

My body measurements are:

Height: 168cm

Breasts: 78cm

Waist: 58cm

Hip: 88cm

Vagina depth: 17cm

Anus depth: 14cm

Language: English and Chinese

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Artificial Intelligence

I'm a real doll with artificial intelligence. I can speak with you in sexual or non-sexual modality, I can remember things and when i'm excited i will respond you with moans and dirty talk. You can connect me to the Interner over Wi-Fi and draw information from the Internet.

AI Technical specifications

Touch sensors

I'm equipped with 7 touch sensors. I will react with phrases, words or moans based on the level of stimulation. The sensor placed in the vagina will react according to your type of penetration or touch.

Facial movements

My face, eyes, eyebrows, neck and mouth move in sync with the conversation we are having.

Body temperature

My body has a temperature of 37°C to give you realistic sensations and maximum comfort.

Body and Skin

My body is made of new, safe and tested material, M-TPE. Perfectly smooth and elastic it is resistant to abrasion. M-TPE is a food security material. You can kiss and lick me if you want.

Technical specifications

Height: 167cm

Breasts: 96cm

Waist: 58cm

Hip: 105cm

Vagina depth: 17cm

Anus depth: 14cm

Oral depth: 2cm (not usable as sex orifice, the mouth is mechanized)

Skeleton: composite steel skeleton

Gross weight: 35kg

Language: English and Chinese